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Everyone has heard of the Rascal. On television commercials, internet banners and city billboard everywhere, the makers of the Rascal line of mobility products advertise their goods. Most of you have at least heard of or seen advertising for the Rascal scooter. The Rascal scooter is a small motorized vehicle that allows people who have trouble walking to get around much easier with little effort. Though this is a great tool for elderly or the temporarily disabled, it is not so great for those with a permanent disability.

Luckily, Rascal has thought of those with permanent handicaps and therefore designed the Rascal power chairs. This line of motorized wheelchairs allows users to get around, even if they have no use of their legs (which is not the case with a Rascal scooter). They have four wheels (some scooters have four wheels while others have only three) and do not have handlebars to steer like a Rascal scooter would.

The Rascal power chairs line comes in three basic classifications: compact, mid-size and heavy duty. The compact Rascal power chair can accommodate a rider who weighs up to 250lbs. It can be taken apart for ease of storage or for when the owner or renter may need to travel. The armrests are desk-length for comfort. On the end of one of the armrests is the programmable joystick that allows the user to navigate the Rascal power chair. It can make the chair go forwards, backwards or turn left or right very easily and with little manipulation of the joystick.

The midsize Rascal power chairs can accommodate a passenger who weighs up to 350lbs. If you are more than 250lbs but less than 350, then this is the right Rascal for you. It features a flip-up footplate, tires that are guaranteed not to go flat and desk-length armrests just like the compact version. There are some options that you can order with your midsize Rascal power chair. They include a reclining seat, elevating leg rests and an oxygen tank holder.

For people over 350lbs in weight, you will want to try the heavy duty Rascal power chairs. Rascal sells two chairs in this division—one that will hold a person up to 450lbs and one that will hold a person up to 500lbs. Anything more than that, and you will have to custom order your Rascal power chair instead of buying a stock model from their inventory.


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