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If you don't know what a power chair is, think of a standard wheelchair with a battery on it. Basically, a power chair is a motorized wheelchair. Many people get power chairs mixed up with motorized scooters such as the Rascal that you see on TV quite a bit. But power chairs and motorized scooters are two very different items.

Power chairs and motorized scooters do have a few things in common. They both run on batteries that have to be recharged for continued use and they are both meant for people with disabilities that don't allow them to walk as well, or to walk at all. These disabilities can be either permanent or temporary (such as the case with an injury or surgery).

That is where the similarities between power chairs and motorized scooters ends, however. A motorized scooter look just like a scooter you would see on the highway, except that it has a full-sized chair instead of a banana-like seat on it. It also generally has a basket that users like, because it enables them to shop in stores or transport things like a purse or briefcase with them anywhere they go. Scooters have handlebars just like a bike that allow them to steer and turn their scooter just like a motorcycle.

A power chair is a wheelchair that is motorized. There are no handle bars to steer with. To change direction or turn around, a user will use a joystick-like handle that allows them to go left, right or turn around. On the same panel, you can find the breaks that help the chair move, go forward and stop as well.
A power chair can be used by people of varying levels of disability. A person who is paralyzed from the waist down but still has use of their hands and arms will find a power chair ideal, because all they need is their hands and arms to make it move. The same person could not use a motorized scooter because they would not be able to steer the scooter without falling over because their legs and feet can not help support their weight at all as they lean forward to use the handlebars to steer and brake.

Power chairs can also be used for people who are paralyzed from the neck down as well. As long as they can move part of their head or even a finger or two, they can use a highly-specialized power chair to move using their eyes, nose, ears or even lips to move a very sensitive wand that make the chair move just like the joystick on a regular power chair.


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