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A mobility scooter gives a physically disabled person a way to get around, often faster and at a more efficient clip than just by walking. They are small and powerful motorized vehicles that may look like a toy, even though they are not.

Also known as a disabled mobility scooter, these compact vehicles can range from around $500 each to several thousand for custom made models meant just for one individual. Because of this high price tag, they are an investment and not the toy that some people (particularly young kids who see it as fun) think they are. In fact, many people who find themselves disabled will apply for financial assistance just to get one.

There are several routes to apply for financial assistance in order to receive either a discount on or a free disabled mobility scooter. As you may have heard already from advertising sources, Medicaid may pay for some people's mobility scooter. Medicaid is a federal health care assistance program for elderly, disabled or underprivileged individuals. In order to receive any kind of help from Medicaid, a person must first qualify.

In order to qualify for Medicaid (and possibly a mobility scooter), a person has to fill out a series of paperwork and show proof of various things that may include income, disability status and more. Once they are awarded with Medicaid, they can then apply to receive a deeply discounted or completely free disabled mobility scooter, if they indeed have a handicap that necessitates one.

Luckily, many companies who sell mobility scooters know that this Medicaid paperwork process can be long and very complicated, especially for those who need one immediately. The waiting game can become very frustrating for a person who has no way to get around without a disabled mobility scooter.

For this reason, many will fill out the paperwork for you, which saves you a lot of time and will get your application for a mobility scooter in sooner. Even better, there are some companies who will not only fill out the paperwork for you, but will give you a free disabled mobility scooter to use free of charge while Medicaid is processing your paperwork. This means no waiting or hassles.

If you are rejected by Medicaid, some will try to work out a payment plan that is affordable to you. Others will let you keep the scooter for free, depending on whether or not they guaranteed you a scooter. Ask a sales associate for details about these exciting Medicaid-based programs for mobility scooters.





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