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Jazzy Power Chair by Pride

The jazzy power chair is a part of the Pride family of electric wheelchairs. The Jazzy power chair is one of the higher-end models in the Pride series, making them a little more expensive than most. But once you see all the features you can get with your Jazzy Power Chair, you will see that they are clearly worth every penny.

The big difference between a Jazzy power chair and other motorized wheelchairs is that they use Pride's patented JZMD mid-wheel drive design. What this means is that the Jazzy power chair can make very sharp turns without any outstanding effort. Tight corners are a breeze for the Jazzy, whereas tight corners might be the kiss of death for other types of power chairs that just can not make a sharp turn at all without backing up at least once.

The makers of Jazzy power chairs had durability and adaptability in mind when they designed the Jazzy series. Though there are several dozen models in the line, this is mostly because there is a different model for different heights. For instance, one model might be ideal for a person who is between 5'0" and 5'5" while another chair might be better suited to a person who is 5'5" to 5'10".

There are also a series of Jazzy power chairs that are meant for both indoor and outdoor use. If your particular model has Activ-Trac and rear caster suspension, then it can handle a lot of different terrains. This is a huge departure from the normally flat terrain of homes, schools and offices. For instance, some power chairs have trouble going over pebbles or grassy terrain, but a Jazzy power chair with the patented Activ-Trac and rear caster suspension could handle both with relative ease.

Most of the Jazzy series of motorized wheelchairs are portable. This means they come apart into pieces that make them much easier to travel. The newer Jazzy models have direct connecters, which means that when you take them apart, they do not have a lot of exposed wires that get tangled, have to be connected and can potentially fray or break, rendering your Jazzy useless. The wires and connecters are all internal, making assembling and disassembling them a breeze.

Financing is generally available to those who qualify for these state-of-the-art and very handy Jazzy power chairs. Just select which model you want, apply for aid and wait until your brand new set of wheels arrives at your door (often with free shipping!).




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