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Go Go Mobility Scooter by Pride

The Go-Go Mobility Scooter is yet another in the fine line of Pride mobility products. There is an entire series of these Go-Go scooters, each of which has some distinguishing feature from the other. Whether that feature is that it is a three wheel or a four wheel Go-Go Mobility Scooter or if it is the height adjustment on the seat or the size of the basket on the front, each one has unique features that are sure to suit all of your needs and desires.

The three wheeled series of Go-Go Mobility Scooter come in a few different types that can accommodate different weights. The smaller and more compact designs have pieces that weigh as little as 28lbs and can turn very easily, even if the corner is a tight curve. These small scooters can accommodate a passenger who weights up to 250lbs. These are generally called The Travellers. The Traveller Plus will hold a passenger weight of up to 300lbs, while some Maxima and larger Hurricane models will be able to withstand a person's weight of 400 or perhaps even 500 pounds.

The same can be said of the four-wheeled version of the Go-Go Mobility Scooter. They are also built in varying sizes to be able to withstand the weight of almost anyone who needs one. Most of them also have an optional adjustable seat feature that allows you to move the seat up, down, back or forward for the ultimate in comfort and security.

If you will only be needing your Go-Go Mobility Scooter for use indoors such as at restaurants, school, home or work then you can get a basic model scooter for a good price. The company you buy it from may even be able to assist you in filling out and officially filing your paperwork to get Medicaid or your insurance company to pay for part or all of your new Go-Go Mobility Scooter.

If you need a Go-Go Mobility Scooter for outdoor use as well, then you may want to consider a higher end model with never-flat tires that can take on more than just flat terrain. The indoor models can handle pavement found on sidewalks and smooth concrete areas well. But if you need to use your scooter across things like dirt, gravel, rocky terrain or even grass, then consider buying one of the indoor/outdoor models that work seamlessly to get you over even the bumpiest of surfaces.



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