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If your ability to walk on your own without help has been impaired or taken away altogether, you may want to look into an electric mobility scooter. Also known as power mobility scooters, you have probably seen these quite often in your everyday life. Perhaps you have seen them on television, as a person with impaired mobility rides around on their motorized scooter. Or maybe you have seen them plugged into the wall at your local grocery store or mass retailers. Many stores will provide power mobility scooters free of charge for customers to use while they are shopping.

If television and the front of stores is the only way you are familiar with an electric mobility scooter, then there are a few things you should consider before you buy or rent one. You do need to know a few things about each type before you can make an educated conclusion about which one is right for you.

There are both three and four-wheeled power mobility scooters available. Other than the extra wheel, there may not seem to be a whole lot of difference between the two, but there really is. A three-wheeled electric mobility scooter can take to corners much faster and easier than four-wheeled ones. This is because a three-wheeler has what we call the tightest turning radius. This means it takes up the least amount of space to make a basic turn, and can take even tight turns with ease. A four-wheeler simply can not do this, as they need much more space to make a simple turn and other maneuvers.

If you travel a lot and are in need of a light-weight scooter, you may want to try transportable scooters. Also known as portable or travel scooters, these can be taken apart into as little as three or four pieces that can weight between 20-30lbs. The ability to take them apart makes it easier for them to fit in a car trunk or truck bed, and their light weight makes them easy to lift. These can also be packed into a trunk or large bag for airline trips and can be checked as luggage.

If you weigh more than 300lbs, you may want to look into a heavy duty scooter. Also known as super scooters, these power mobility scooters can handle up to 500lbs while not compromising any of their strength or battery life. These models generally come in four-wheel designs and are not portable.



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