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Understanding Power Chairs

Power chairs provide important advantages to the elder and handicapped people especially those with mobility problems. Electric power wheel chairs are useful for persons without the stamina or medical conditions which limit their ability to walk. Many electric power chairs have additional features such as a swiveling seat enabling seat of an electric scooter is generally easier than moving the foot supports on most conventional wheelchairs.

A power chair is very helpful for persons with systemic or whole-body disabling conditions (coronary or lung issues, some forms of arthritis, etc.) who are still able to stand and walk a few steps, sit upright without torso support, and control the steering tiller.

A main selling point of the electric power chair is that it does not look like a wheelchair, which many people see as a sign of old age. However, as increasing numbers of elderly persons choose mobility scooters, the scooter is now developing its own reputation, at least among the able-bodied, as a geriatric item. Mobility scooters are generally more affordable than powered wheelchairs, and often easier to obtain from insurers or health care agencies.

Active user wheelchairs are manual chairs that are lightweight and have large rear wheels that can be positioned slightly further forward than those on a standard manual wheelchair. The resulting redistribution of weight lessens the effort needed to propel or push this type of chair. The reduced weight is also an advantage if the chair has to be lifted and transported, particularly if an essential requirement is that the vehicle should be easy to transfer in and out of a car trunk.

Some manufacturers of scooters and buggies provide a home demonstration service, which allows users to try the vehicle in their surrounding environment to test whether the controls, seating, and leg room are sufficiently comfortable and to ensure that there are no hidden problems in the environment where the scooter will be used, such as narrow doors or impassable steps.



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